Kokuryo research laboratory at Keio University decided to make business case course materials (case materials) open to public on the internet that were mainly developed for academic use. Upon the disclosure, we intend free utilization and distribution to the extent possible, and the cases are made open under the license attached to the materials. The disclosed case materials are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform, as long as you follow the rule of non-profit use, You can also exchange these via e-mail and internet as you like.

Also for profit purpose, materials download, print put, how to use, etc. is up to the organization which uses the material. If you inform the usage and required copies to us in advance, we let you use and distribute the materials freely without being constrained by physical exchange. (About use for profit purpose, please read below for details.)

The objective of our organization and the license clause is, to widely share the result of research at the University in the form of course materials with society to the extent possible, and at the same time, reduce the economic burden of the authors while protecting their rights. The money collected will be reinvested to new materials development. We appreciate your understanding and support.