Seaside Gallery

“Please continue the T-shirt Art Exhibition indefinitely.” “I would like to visit your museum sometime, so please continue to exhibit.” The Seaside Gallery Nonprofit Organization (hereinafter “Seaside Gallery”), which is hosting the T-shirt Art Exhibition, has been receiving many comments of encouragement such as these from across the country. Nevertheless, Kazuya Azechi, who is a central member of the Seaside Gallery and an employee of Ogata-cho Town Hall, which is carrying out the planning and management of the T-shirt Art Exhibition, comments, “It is miraculous that the T-shirt Art Exhibition has been held 17 times.”

CaseSeaside GalleryRetrieved YearJAN-2006AuthorMizue Nishida / Yoshinori IsagaiRetrieved DepartmentKeio UniversityCopyrightKeio University / Yoshinori Isagai

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